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BitsCore Technologies delivers tailored, reliable and competitively priced IT management services and solutions so you can focus on your business’ development and prosperity.

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Consider backing up your important data to our Private Cloud.

Our Cloud keeps your data safe and easily recoverable.

In partnership with Datto:

Your employees are critical to daily operations. Loss or failure of their PCs can mean lost business, missing critical data, and work stoppage. Additionally, the potential of ransomware attacks to lock up a number of PCs exponentially increases this risk. 


Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs provides an enhanced level of protection to eliminate data loss. It can help get your employees back up and running quickly in the event of a lost or stolen PC, ransomware attack, accidental deletion, or other disasters.


Don’t become another cyberattack victim. Instead, we can empower you to protect your business’ critical data and employees’ PCs. We have shared a short but informative video, which will help you further understand the importance of a Cloud Continuity solution. We encourage you to contact us directly and speak to an expert team member for more information.

Server backup is a crucial aspect of data management for businesses that rely on servers to store and manage their digital assets.

Our server backups involve creating copies of the data and configuration settings stored on your server and storing them in our Private Cloud, ensuring data can be recovered in the event of data loss, server failure, or other catastrophic events.


Backup Frequency:  Common backup frequencies include daily, weekly, and monthly.


Automation: We use backup software and scripts to automate the backup process, ensuring backups are performed consistently.


Encryption: Encrypting backups ensures that sensitive data remains secure, both during the backup process and while in storage.


Testing: We regularly test the backup and restore process to ensure that backups are valid and can be successfully restored when needed.


Monitoring: With our in-house Monitoring Software we monitor and set up alerting systems to notify administrators of backup failures or issues.


Documentation: We maintain documentation that details the backup strategy.


Compliance: We ensure that your backup strategy aligns with industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements.


By implementing a robust server backup strategy, you can minimize the risk of data loss and ensure that your organization can quickly recover from unexpected events.

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